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International School of South Africa

ISSA Secondary School

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We aim to create the next generation of global leaders through our holistic academic curriculum, several sporting disciplines as well as multi-cultural enrichment activities.


We provide a holistic and balanced education for every student within a broad and inclusive curriculum (academic, social, spiritual, cultural and sporting); promotes a stimulating and challenging learning environment founded on tolerance, mutual respect, caring relations, moral accountability, personal integrity and professional commitment, and recognise the need to work closely and effectively with all stakeholders. 

The following values are at the core of the ethos of the International School of South Africa and are based on the ten principles that all members of ISSA are expected to commit themselves to:

  • Respect For All
  • Hardwork
  • Honesty
  • Social Awareness
  • Responsibility
  • Compassion

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A highlight of the week is the Monday assemblies in the Theatre. Our assemblies are led by one of the classes, or the SME and the Phase Heads. It is on these occasions that the pupils are recognized for exceptional efforts in the fields of academics, cultural and sporting performances.

Discipline is an integral part of the school system and much time is afforded by staff in maintaining and improving discipline in the School. There are various forms of punishment for continuous misdemeanours that are committed, and range from counselling, to detention. In all cases, parental involvement is of paramount importance. The discipline system also provides for rewards in the form of Merits, which are gained by those who ‘go the extra mile’!

At ISSA, we are proud of our school, and therefore, proud of our uniform. The girls wear short or long-sleeved golf shirts, with short or long navy blue trousers – depending on whether it is summer or winter. On cold days, a navy blue jersey or windbreaker may be worn. Black shoes and white socks make up the school day uniform. For PE and sport purposes, the ISSA shorts and tracksuits must be worn. The boy’s uniform is very similar, except short or long grey pants are worn, and grey socks. Headwear in the form of ISSA caps, navy blue broad rimmed hats, and the school beanie, may be worn. There are also regulations regarding the wearing of jeweler for girls, and hairstyles for boys and girls.

  • Conference Centre; training venues
  • Boarding accommodation (9 boarding houses accommodating 50 persons per house)
  • Catering, theatre; classrooms
  • Sporting facilities
  • Soccer/rugby/hockey fields
  • Tennis courts, netball courts, squash courts (4 glass-backed courts)
  • Swimming pool (25 metres)
  • Basketball/volleyball courts
  • Athletics track
  • Gymnasium gym centre

We have 3 Houses at ISSA:

  • Eagles
  • Falcons
  • Hawks

The Medical Centre is situated in Kwena, and has a Sick Bay, Treatment Room and Office/Surgery, plus bathroom facilities.
There is one full-time Nursing Sister, providing a 24-hour care and service.

It is the responsibility of the Academic Head to ensure that the timetable for the year is drawn up and runs successfully. The school timetable runs from Monday to Friday. Each period is 35 minutes and subjects could be conducted in wither single periods or double periods as per the requirements of the Subject Departments. Mathematics for Forms 1 to Form 3 must be everyday and there will therefore be some days with single periods. The first period on a Monday is Assembly, which is formal and Friday last period is an informal assembly conducted by the Prefect body.

The school follows a three term calendar. The school timetable runs on a weekly basis. The school day begins at 07h20 and ends at 1h35 every day for all Forms except on a Monday when school ends at 15h30 for Forms 4, 5 and 6. There is compulsory Interhouse on a Monday afternoon from 15h30 to 17h00 and compulsory Cultural activities once a week from 14h30 to 15h30.
Students are expected to involve themselves in sport, cultural activities and extra tuition in the afternoons.

International School of South Africa

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