The School offers excellent boarding accommodation for both Primary and Senior students with well-equipped double studies and single studies for older students. There are nine Boarding Houses. Each of the nine boarding houses has its own recreation room.


There is 24 hour supervision by the caring, experienced staff, that include House-parents, Tutors, Councillors and Medical staff.


The House system is central to the social life of the school, encouraging friendly competition in sports, drama, public speaking, debating, singing, academic challenges, as well as school social events.


All of the 9 hostels have now been completely refurbished and boast modern and comfortable furnishings which are continuously being upgraded.


We aim to provide a social environment which will allow each student to realise his or her full potential as a well-educated, well-balanced member of society, capable of taking a mature approach to life and believing in the principle that what you put into life is what you get out of life. We focus on providing each student with life skills to grow in mind, body and spirit.


Apart from the Boarding Staff, each student has a Register Teacher and a Tutor. This enables the student to have access to three staff members, who will all be responsible for monitoring development, behaviour and progress.


Students share a room which has a divider for photographs and posters, and consists of a bed, a cupboard, study area providing a comfortable relaxation and working area. Ablution facilities include separate showers for students wishing to have complete privacy. Every hostel has a recreation room with TV and intertainment facilities. The Boarding house provides an opportunity for students to socialise and to get to know fellow students from different countries and backgrounds. We encourage interaction between Hostels and allow for intellectual and cultural growth.

The atmosphere is warm, inviting and nurturing and the Hostels are encouraged to show nitiative in holding fundraising weekends and events that build team spirit and camaraderie. The boarding houses are single sex, each offering accommodation for 50 students and are supervised by a caring Resident Houseparent, two resident and at least two visiting tutors. The senior houses are grouped around a water feature which supports an ecological system that is both attractive and restful. The hostel names represent the wildlife of Africa. Hostel life is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where friendships are made that last a lifetime.

The boarding establishment encourages students to be disciplined and to work hard. Students from various parts of the world are accommodated at the school. Their cultural and value systems differ greatly. It is important that they must develop respect for themselves and for others and in particular the hostel staff. The boarding establishment accepts responsibility for the care and welfare of the students, the hostel staff being in loco parentis. The houseparent is in charge of the boarding house and is supported by the hostel staff, both residential and visiting as well as the prefects. The Heads of Hostel (one for each gender), coordinate the running of the hostels and support the houseparents and staff.

Our house has always worked towards our mission that we stand by as the Hostel of Life Basics, instilling the basic life skills in all our young gents. We endeavour to groom responsible, honest and hard-working young gentlemen.

2017 has been an outstanding year for the young gentlemen as well as the hostel tutors. Our boys were kept occupied in the different areas of their school life. They were involved and very competitive in a number of sporting codes where they were recognised at Honours Evening in September this year. The Junior boys also had to endure a 5 -3 beating as they lost their first match to the School Staff Team.

In Term 2 our boys were treated to a fun-filled day of Go-karting and Paintballing at the Phoenix Race Track in Mafikeng. We closed this day with a full meal of their choice at the Mafikeng Spur.

During our mid-term break in October, the young gentlemen were out camping at Warmbaths and this was a great outdoor experience for them as they experienced sleeping in a tent and cooking their own meals together with staff. This camping experience could not have been successful if it was not for the support that we got from parents as well as the committed Hostel Staff.

Our House Dinner was an event that all boys had waited for, shopped for and were ready for. It was great to see the ‘gents’ dressed in their formal attire. Our young gentlemen represented themselves very well and had a night of their lives. And once again I salute the parents in supporting our dress code for this event. I would also like to thank the mother of the hostel, Mrs Chitashu for organising this event.

This year we welcome Mr S Hamilton and Mr G Kelly who joined the hostel staff adding value to the hostel setup. I would like to thank Mr S Richter, who left the hostel end of Term 2 because of family commitments.

We have been always there for each other, students and staff and this is what makes our Nkwe Family unique and outstanding. I would like to thank management and support staff for taking care of our basic needs as well as tolerating our demands.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Monitors, Prefects and Tutors for the team work in the basic day to day running of the hostel. It has not been easy making sure that study sessions are done smoothly and that all gentlemen are in bed at lights out.

Thank you for all the hard work.


Tau House has long stood as the final destination for the young men at the International School of South Africa, as it is the last boarding house that they will be a part of before leaving the school. It is thus a house that plays host to the final stage of their schooling life, the trials and tribulations of the AS and A-Level programs and their final steps towards becoming men in a global society. The year featured many highlights, ranging from soccer victories and birthday celebrations to late-night discussions on career paths, university applications and debates on what it means to be a man in the modern world. The year was also an exceptional one for the number of boys in the hostel; with many of the Lower 6 students from last year staying to complete the A-Level course, the Hostel was full of students eager to make their mark on the world.

During the First Term the students of Tau House went to the Warm Baths in Limpopo, a trip that served to bring the group closer together and provide some relaxation in the warm pools of natural water. The Second Term saw the Tau boys going to Gold Reef City for a day of fun and adventure on a number of rides – including a brave group of young men who challenged the dreaded Tower of Terror. Screams of joy, and horror, were aplenty as were the smiles on their faces as the boys enjoyed all of the rides on offer.

The year has closed with the young men of Tau House diligently studying and preparing for the exams that will allow them to pursue the dreams they each hold. We wish them good luck on their journey forward, both as Alumni of the International School of South Africa and as citizens of the world, safe in the knowledge that their time at Tau House has prepared them to be the men they wish to be.

Special thanks go to our houseparent, Mr Baka and all of the tutors, for their roles in making Tau House a caring environment for the 6th Form boys.

We have definitely had a tumultuous year in Tholo House, but we experienced it together, as we laughed and cried with the people who have become like sisters to us.

Our 2017 journey began with a few new faces, but we soon got familiar with them when we grabbed our sunscreen and flip flops and headed for Sun City, where we split into groups to conquer one ride at a time. One pair of shipped shorts later, and after getting over the fascination that people make fake beaches, we headed back to school.

Looking out the window on the way back, I was struck by how undeniably beautiful our continent is, and this realization probably played a huge role in bringing the annual Africa Day celebrations to life. As a hostel, with some taking the time to recreate the delicacies that reminded us of home, and others fashion decorations through which the essence of Africa manifested, the Tholo girls managed to organize and host an event that united people in their celebrations of our Africa.

Because we know that the occasional night out is integral to preserving our sanity, we also took some time to make a visit to the local Spur to unwind in good company. We then had one last outing before the end-of-year exams kicked off. This time, we travelled all the way to Gold Reef City. There, we watched performers, survived roller coasters and bought shiny reminders of the fun we’d had.

As the year drew to a close, a night to celebrate and toast those who had made the year so special was in order. At our Tholo House Dinner, beautiful words were spoken by beautiful people, all dressed like they belonged on a red carpet. We laughed, dined and then danced the night way…

We would like to express our gratitude to the tutors and Houseparent, Ms de Jager, for their care and support during 2017.

This year Thutlwa House has been filled with many exciting activities. The girls of this year have been kept busy throughout the whole year with activities ranging from student-organised movie and sports nights to riveting go-cart races. The First Term of the year was very rainy and that resulted in us only having one major event as a hostel because of the frequent weather inconveniences. We started off with our traditional Talent Show where everyone got a chance to showcase their talents and this gave us an opportunity to get to know each other better. Our occasional sleep overs in the recreation room are always fun and give us an opportunity to bond.  We also visited the ever-so-exciting Sun City for a day, leaving the International School early in the morning as we had a fun- filled day planned out. We started the day off with a filling breakfast and were off to enjoy the rides at the amusement park. All the girls talked about how much they had enjoyed the day when it was time to leave and come back home.

During the Second Term, we went to a local place for paintballing and go-carting .There was fierce competition on the race tracks and on the paintball courses as all the girls wanted to prove who was better to one another. The day was ended off with a nice lunch at the local Spur where all the girls had yet another lovely moment to bond with each other and their house tutors too .The girls also participated in a gardening competition where the task was to maintain and better the gardens that each boarding house has. The girls showed sheer commitment to the project and the results of their hard work was shown at the beginning of the Third Term as we came back to school to see a garden with many blooming gorgeous flowers and luscious green grass. Africa Day came about and we saw our girls come up with a show-stopper performance that blew people away on the day, as our girls flaunted their different cultures through their dressing and poetic pieces of art. We then ended the term off with a Thutlwa House basketball and netball mini-tournament where we saw the future Kevin Durants and Stephen Currys of the International School of South Africa being born.

The girls started the Third Term off with a very positive and enthusiastic energy, with a trip to Gold Reef City, where all the girls made sure to have one last good time before the ever-so-stressful exam period begun. We ended the year off with the annual Thutlwa House dinner where the all the girls came looking very gorgeous. The night was enjoyed as awards were made and heart-warming speeches were presented to one another. The year was one to remember as the girls learned to become closer to one another than ever before.

Special thanks go to our houseparent, Mrs Makudo, and all the tutors assisting in the hostel for caring for us and always being there when we need them.

The 2017 year started with most of the Lower 6’s from the previous year returning to Tshepe House and forming the House Committee – this is one of the new structures created so that the students can take responsibility for house-specific matters. Our first social engagement at the end of the first week was our home-coming dinner – this event is organised to bring the returning students of the house and the new entrants together. Our students thoroughly enjoyed this get-together and will become a regular event in the years to come. A key feature has been setting expectations within the house but also talking about each individual’s expectations for the year. One of the outputs from this session was the development of individual dream boards by each student. This allowed for each student to creatively show their expectations and dreams for the year ahead and thus to reflect each day when they see their dream boards.

The First Term passed very quickly, especially when the academic pressures started and the students were required to keep up with the pace. Throughout the term, Saturday trips were facilitated for students to go shopping at the two shopping malls in town. On Sundays students were taken to church services in town and special Sunday evening worship events were facilitated for the entire boarding house.

One of the other highlights during the first term was the special Sunday cook off à la Master Chef – the girls had tremendous fun and it was good to see the bonding amongst them.

The Second Term started off with a very interesting two day camp for the Upper 6th group – the  focus area that emerged from the camp was that the students felt strongly the need to give back to those who are less privileged than themselves. Chasing Red was born… sanitary towels were collected and money pledged to buy for sanitary pads where their contemporaries do not have access to such a basic commodity.

A special assembly was conducted by the ladies during the Africa Day celebrations, where they celebrated women in Africa in true style. The school was a buzz afterwards and the poem rendered by one of the girls has found a special place in Tshepe House.

Towards end of term the girls were taken on a special lunch followed by a spa treatment day at Mmabatho Palms. This was a highlight for the girls and was thoroughly enjoyed by them.

The Third Term started with a bang as everyone was over-excited with the prospect of Prom 2017: the girls looked absolutely stunning in their glamorous outfits. The House dinner was absolutely amazing; a scrumptious meal was prepared by our own catering staff and we enjoyed an evening of fine dining and warm speeches. To end of the term, the house will host the Form 5 girls from Tholo House with a high tea, to welcome them to Tshepe House in 2018.

2017 was a very good year in Tshepe House. The new initiative of a House Committee is showing promising signs and will definitely go from strength to strength. It is providing additional leadership opportunities for our girls which they relish.

In 2018 we will build on what has already been achieved. We also welcome the Form 5’s to Tshepe House.