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“If it is important to the child, it’s important to us”. In a nutshell, this, more than anything else determines the path along which our educational aim and philosophy, is based. 

Why Choose Us

Primary School Academics

Our subject offering includes Mathematics, English, Science, Global Perspectives, Afrikaans, Setswana, Physical Education and Music. At the end of Grade 6, the students write a public examination, the Primary School Checkpoint after following the rigorous Cambridge Primary Syllabus in Mathematics, English, Science and Global Perspective.

Teaching staff meet at the beginning of each term to discuss schemes of work, and fortnightly to review evaluations and forecasts to enable the recommend remediation timeously. Students not meeting the required standards and/or have challenges in some learning areas are directed to our afternoon academic programmes for assistance.

Primary School Sport

Our emphasis in sports is to nurture talent through a robust, well-structured highly organised physical education and sports programme. The end goal is to promote social development and life skills. Students are encouraged to value the skills such as sportsmanship and integrity through their communication and interaction in the various sporting codes.

The boys and girls are exposed to Athletics, Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Hockey, just to mention a few and competing at inter-house and various inter-schools’ level. The school offers excellent sporting facilities, coaches and equipment which often motivate several students to try provincial and national representation.

Message from the Deputy Head Primary School

- Philip Nheera

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Primary School of the International School of South Africa. We endeavour to give our children a learning environment where they feel safe and secure – a place of learning where children feel loved.  To quote our tag line, “if it’s important to the child, it’s important to us.” Our children thrive in an environment where acceptance, freedom and creative flair is encouraged – an environment where fun, enjoyment and healthy habits are seen as vital ingredients to a happy life.

As we continue our journey in the 21st Century we look to improve our teaching methodologies and teaching practices yet hold onto the good and solid traditional practices that remain indispensable. We embrace the Cambridge International Curriculum as we are confident of its value as it prepares our children with the skills they need for success at high school, tertiary education, and life – preparing our children for meaningful contribution to the “global village”.

We are passionate about upholding our school values, namely Respect for all, Hard Work, Honesty, Responsibility, Social Awareness and Compassion. We hold each other, as stakeholders, accountable to these values so that we set the example for our children, thereby influencing them not only by our words but also by our conduct.

Primary School Divisions


We have designed a holistic programme for children aged from 4 years to 6 years. Our Grade R’s have to pass an assessment test in order to be accepted into Grade One the following year.

Junior Primary

Junior Primary consists of Grade 1 to Grade 3 students. The curriculum focuses on developing a strong academic background, as well as encouraging the children’s curiosity about our world.

Senior Primary

Our Senior Primary Phase starts at Grade 4 and Grade 6 is the exit point. All school subjects prescribed by the Cambridge University Curriculum are included in our academic programme.

International School of South Africa

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