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International School of South Africa

6th Form: AS & A Level


The International School of South Africa strives to provide an academically stimulating environment where sixth form students are encouraged to aspire to the highest levels of achievement within a nurturing environment whilst enabling them to prepare for adult life. Our Sixth Form teaching promotes examination success and helps students become independent thinkers and learners.


We have a tradition at the International School of South Africa’s Sixth Form whereby teachers ‘are praised by students and parents for inculcating in-depth subject knowledge’ where students leave the sixth form extremely well prepared for the next steps in their education or careers.

Students at The International School of South Africa are encouraged to aim for excellence in all their endeavours in school and the community. The school has an extensive programme to prepare its aspirational sixth form for their future and has regularly put forward several students to the best universities in South Africa and internationally.

Students are encouraged to experience the excellent arts, music and drama departments our school has to offer with an annual production that brings the whole town to our theatre. We also organise camps for personal development as well as trips to experience the rich art and theatre South Africa has to offer. All of this real-life application is to ensure our sixth form are developing holistically and are able to experience the ‘world under one roof’.

Excellence comes with opportunity, structure, guidance and support and that is offered at ISSA. Whether through peer study groups, external providers such as speakers on specific topics or our own career guidance at school, students get clear messages on how to reach their full potential.

In the Sixth Form respect is shown by our students in their treatment of each other and the staff who work with them. Sixth Form students also engage within the wider community working with primary schools and local senior citizens where the hallmark of all their behaviour is ‘respect’.