International School of South Africa



International School of South Africa exists to serve the educational needs of both the local and the international community.

Admission shall not be denied because of nationality, race or creed. Admission is granted after an assessment by the administration of the potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational programme and the capability of the School to meet the educational needs of the applicant. Students are accepted throughout the year, apart from in Forms 5 and 6, but no places in the School are reservable in advance, except in the case of companies holding fully paid permanently reserved positions.

Should it not be possible for the School to accommodate qualified applicants, students enrolled as of the end of the previous term shall automatically be enrolled for the following term. New applications shall then be considered for admission on the basis of the date of payment for registration accompanied by the registration form. If a waiting list for any Form is necessary, qualified applicants will be admitted on a first come first served basis as a space becomes available.

Acceptance and/or placement in a Form is subject to the assessment of the administration and is the prerogative of the School. The decisions of administration in such matters shall be final.

Students attending the School are charged fees, which cover tuition and board. The scale of fees is in line with those of other comparable International Schools and Member Schools of the South African Independent Schools’ Council.

The School is a non-profit making organisation administered and owned by a Governing Body and Board of Trustees.


Students are admitted to the School on the basis of the recommendation of the Headteacher of their current school or, if necessary, a satisfactory performance in placement tests administered by the School.

The main requirements for entry are:
1. Evidence that the student will be capable of following the demanding academic programme of the School.
2. Evidence that the student will benefit from the sporting and cultural opportunities provided by the School.
3. Evidence that their presence will enrich the atmosphere at the School.

Applications for entry to Primary and Secondary sections are invited from students aged (by January) as follows :-

  • Grade 000 – at least 2 years of age
  • Grade 00 – at least 3 years of age
  • Grade 0 – at least 4 years of age
  • Grade 1 – at least 5 years of age
  • Grade 2 – at least 6 years of age
  • Grade 3 – at least 7 years of age
  • Grade 4 – at least 8 years of age
  • Grade 5 – at least 9 years of age
  • Grade 6 – at least 10 years of age
  • 1st Form – at least 11 years of age
  • 2nd Form – at least 12 years of age
  • 3rd Form – at least 13 years of age
  • 4th Form – at least 14 years of age
  • 5th Form – at least 15 years of age
  • 6th Form – at least 16 years of age

Tuition/Boarding Fees

Application Fee

A non-refundable fee of R250 (Primary) or R500 (Secondary) is payable on application, and only after receipt will the application for admission be processed

See below for Tuition / Boarding Fees

Compulsory Fees

Primary: A R5000 levy which is non-refundable is payable on acceptance of the student into the School

Secondary: A refundable deposit of R2,500 (only refundable on completion of studies) and a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of R12,500 is payable on acceptance of the student into the School

Other Fees

External examination entry fees (Form 5 and Sixth Form)
Instrument and voice tuition
Specialised external coaching

Payment of Fees

All fees are invoiced by the Accounts Office and are payable termly in advance of the beginning of term. Late payment of fees may incur a penalty. A discount will be given if the full year’s fees are settled at the commencement of the first term. Siblings receive a discount

Withdrawal of Students

A full term’s notice is required before a student is withdrawn from the School. If this notice is not given, parents will be liable for a term’s fees.

Student Fees 2019

How to Enrol


Tel: +27 18 381 1102
Fax: +27 18 381 1187

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