“I would teach children, music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” – Plato

Culture is an important component of curricular activities in our Primary School.

Dramatic presentations are undertaken by individual classes at weekly assemblies. The various phases, viz. Pre-Primary, Junior Primary and Senior Primary of the school put on productions annually. The Pre-primary have an annual concert and the upper phases alternate yearly. Drama allows pupils to express, explore and find themselves. It is applied through improvising, role playing, play building, puppetering, story making, telling, dramatisation and so forth.

Choir is run as an extramural activity for Grades 4 to 6, as well as Marimba for Grades 5 and 6. Class music is taught from Grades 000 to Grade 6 in the weekly academic programme. Individual music tutoring is conducted with instruments such as recorder, piano, voice, violin and drums.

Music is enjoyable and enriches our pupils’ lives and education. It helps develop language & memorization; it promotes craftmanship; it increases coordination; it provides a sense of achievement; it facilitates emotional development, pattern recognition, imagination, relaxation, discipline, creativity, spacial intelligence, risk-taking and self-confidence, etc.

Art is taught to Grades 4 to 6 by a specialist Art Teacher, and the lower phases are taught Art, largely integrated into the curriculum, by class teachers.  Currently, Pottery classes are offered as a ‘paid-extra’ activity after school. Art develops our pupils’ creativity, academic performance, motor skills, confidence, visual learning, decision-making, perseverance, focus, collaboration skills and accountability, etc.

Ballroom Dancing classes are offered to Grades 4 to 6s as an extramural activity. Dance sessions by Erin Musson (a professional dancer and choreographer) are offered as a ‘paid-extra’ to allow our pupils to further explore their creativity. Dance is important for our pupils because it aids the development of kinesthetic intelligence, creates opportunities for self-expression, promotes higher order thinking skills, enhances quality of life, improves physical fitness, provides enjoyment and promotes respect for various cultures, etc.


Music is an international language. We at the International School of South Africa ensure that all our students from grade 1 to Form 3 are afforded the opportunity to learn this language.

Students in the Primary school (Grade 1-6) have one period of music and are exposed to various musical activities, be it from general class music to Marimba, all our students all involved in the art of making Music.

Our students in the secondary school Forms 1-3 have 2 periods of Music (1h30 min). Music is offered as an academic subject. In this 3 year period learners are exposed to various musical genres which underpins the notion that Music an international language.

For the more refined musicians at our school, we offer IGCSE music up to A-level which further prepares our students who wish to study Music at university or even as a career.

We currently offer the following instrumental tuition. Vocals, Strings, Woodwinds and Piano and have form many ensembles who perform regularly at concerts and school events; The Primary and Senior School choir, Vocal ensembles and various instrumental groups.